Quality based on tradition

The name Halbmond has become synonymous with quality based on long-standing traditions for more than 130 years. What began in 1880 with the establishment of a weaving mill for Axminster carpets in Oelsnitz is now an efficient, innovative and international company. This course was charted from the outset. The founders, Koch and te Kock, demonstrated far-sightedness and courage when they opted to set up their business in the idyllic and prospering Vogtland region. Even at that time, they were aware of the power inherent in a clear commitment to their home region and pressing ahead with innovations for the international market. None of this has changed, even now. And we are proud that this tradition continues to form the basis for our quality-conscious manner of conducting business.

Allow us to give you a glimpse of our philosophy, corporate awareness and also the variety of our products and services. There are many different aspects that join forces here. Each of them is very important, but the high standards represented by Halbmond only comes about  when these elements are combined. These include traditional values, rich experiences, the latest technology, creative development, social responsibility, and an understanding of cultures, sustainable quality, reliability and the ability to satisfy the most individual demands. The Made in Germany quality seal is both a responsibility and an honour for us at the same time.