Quickstart Tiles

Quick start TILES offers 36 timeless designs in 5 subtle shades for the office.
Available in sizes 60 × 60 cm, 120 × 120 cm and 180 × 180 cm.



PDF Download: Quickstart Tiles

Mega Tiles

With its “mega TILES” collection, Halbmond creates new dimensions – in an unusual 192×192 cm format. Faster to lay, these oversized tiles give large rooms, and even guestrooms in small hotels the wow factor.



PDF Download: Mega Tiles


The name Halbmond has become synonymous with quality based on long-standing traditions for more than 130 years. The “made in Germany” quality seal is both a responsibility and an honour for us at the same time. Allow us to give you a glimpse of the variety of our products. Since 2012, Halbmond has created over 20 different collections for individual requirements.

PDF Download: Collections

Shape and Create

Shape & Create – the second tile collection by Halbmond with 5 special expressive shapes offers a simply unlimited range of design possibilities: wing, hexagon, diamond, wave or plank – every shape has its own character and gives the surroundings a unique flair.

PDF Download: Shape and Create

Nightlife Tiles

Experience the vibrancy of nightlife in the big city and explore a fascinating spectrum of individually designed interior spaces for casinos, bars, restaurants and lounges. The Tile Guide Special shows you a whole new world on every page, presenting elegant, scintillating and cutting edge single tile designs.

PDF Download: Nightlife Tiles

Set it up

With its extensive collection of carpet tile sets, Halbmond presents an innovation in this brochure that will make the composition process much easier for the customer. Expressive design carpet tile sets can be combined with matching base designs, thereby transforming any room into a unique space.

PDF Download: Set it up