Mega Tiles

With its “mega TILES” collection, Halbmond creates new dimensions – in an unusual 192×192 cm format. Faster to lay, these oversized tiles give large rooms, and even guestrooms in small hotels the wow factor.

PDF Download: Mega Tiles

Nightlife Tiles

Experience the vibrancy of nightlife in the big city and explore a fascinating spectrum of individually designed interior spaces for casinos, bars, restaurants and lounges. The Tile Guide Special shows you a whole new world on every page, presenting elegant, scintillating and cutting edge single tile designs.

PDF Download: Nightlife Tiles

Pure Elements

It is the interplay of the elements, design and technology with which the flooring can create unique themed worlds of experience.

The ‘Pure Elements’ design guide offers inspiration for the design of hotel, shop and office spaces.

PDF Download: Pure Elements

Ocean Line

Halbmond has successfully redefined the ideal of carpet for the shipbuilding industry.

PDF Download: Ocean Line

Nightlife Flair

Nightlife Flair - Explore a fascinating spectrum of individually designed interior spaces.

PDF Download: Nightlife Flair