Sustainability Made in Germany

A good carpet keeps for many years despite tough wear. But it can only do this if it is of the highest quality. The same high quality is deeply rooted in the thinking and actions of all the employees at the Halbmond carpet factory – and this quality also describes our products and services. This philosophy follows simple, clear and impressive logic, which found its way into the company in our founders’ day. The quality that we employ today forms the basis for the satisfaction that our customers will sense tomorrow. Satisfied customers are the only guarantee for future orders – which also means healthy economic developments at Halbmond carpet works and therefore secure jobs.

Our understanding of quality therefore has a very broad footing and is geared towards the long term. It combines technical, social, ecological and economic issues. It can be measured by embracing traditional values and innovative challenges, intercultural standards and down-to-earth brands: Made in Germany, or if you want to be absolutely precise – Made in Oelsnitz.